Blogging & Article Writing

Blogs and articles are among the best tools to engage with your prospective and present customers online, give a voice to your company, to showcase your knowledge, and to portray your values. We create blogs and articles that are devoid of the me-too feature, and instead focus on branding you online.

Is there a difference between a blog and an article?

A blog post is a record of opinions, information or discussions and normally contains up to 350 words. Blogs are normally maintained on home site and used as a informal way of interacting with users.

An article on the other hand is used for spreading knowledge on the latest news, research or analysis. Articles should have a minimum of 400 words. Articles are usually posted on external sites for informing and link building.

Our Services

  • Create an overall strategy for your blog and article writing
  • Create and maintain your blog server, including customizing and designing it based on your website and corporate profile
  • Establish and maintain the desired frequency – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Frequently evaluate the direction and quality of the blogs and articles
  • Act as moderator for the blog – reply to comments, remove spam, and maintain consistent quality
  • Co-ordinate with different teams in your company to generate blogs and articles with different perspectives