3 Reasons why blogging is good for your business

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Blogging is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools a business can take advantage of. All types of companies from startups to Fortune 500 ones are blogging to enhance their digital presence and gain an edge over the competition. Not convinced enough to want to start your own blog? Well here are some more reasons why blogging is good for your business.

Infographic: Why blogging is good for your business

1. Helps you assert your expertise – A blog helps you showcase your expertise in field, industry or technology that your business operates in. It would appear excessive and awkward if you had so much of content talking about one or more of your company’s services or products on your website. With blogs, you have a convenient medium to cover all the information you desire to share with your target audience in any of several ways. These include creating short or long blog posts and sharing information through video or pictures.

2. It attracts more visitors/customers to your website – Whether it is an onsite blog or an independent one, you could have links pointing back to your chief website and directing visitors to services, products, promotions, contact forms and more. In this way, the blog will funnel visitors or target customers to your website. The contents on your blog is also a great opportunity impress and add value to the visitors so that they not only would trust you enough to consider trying out your products but also would share the content with their online social circles bringing in more visitors and eventually more business.

3. Helps to develop your brand – Blogs enables you to develop your brand in a distinctly personal manner. You would thus be giving your online business a dimension it would not otherwise be able to achieve. Steve Yoder (author of “Get Slightly Famous”) cites these brand building benefits associated with blogging: the ability to strike an emotional chord, stand distinct from the competition, convey your message quickly and lucidly, get your message imprinted in the minds and hearts of your target customers, show credibility and encourage strong customer loyalty.

The above explained benefits clearly justifies how you can gain considerably by making blogging a part of your content marketing campaign, whatever the nature of your business may be. And if are short of time and resource to engage in regular blogging, you can consider seeking the help of professional content writers.


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  1. Yes, blogging is a useful tool & it reaches beyond business activities. Consider the opportunities for service groups, clubs, & others delivering services locally as well as over great distances. And, if you’re interested in exploring ideas that could be used in an article or public presentation, blogging gives opportunities to test those ideas. Blogging is a quality tool we can use. It is a tool of today that is very similar to conversations in a group of colleagues or even strangers.