7 Tips to get yourself established as a freelance content writer

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If you work full-time at a content writing company, you know how hard it is to be creative under pressure. Besides the fatigue associated with working long hours at a stretch, we can also have an attack of ‘writer’s block’ or simply feel we have reached our creative end! And that is when we realize we have a deadline to meet.

Freelance content writing is an attractive alternative that will enable you to work at hours convenient to you. In addition, you don’t have to make yourself presentable for the workplace or even scramble to reach work on time. So if you are looking to establish yourself as a freelance writer, here are SEVEN tips to help you. If you have the talent, determination and a go-getter attitude, you shouldn’t find this difficult at all.

Start with your own blog

Create a blog to write about what you love and use it as a platform to display your writing skills. Update the content on it regularly and incorporate keywords such as “freelance writer” or “freelance content writer” in the natural flow of the content to tempt the search engines into pushing the blog up the rankings. This would help you attract potential clients.

Never stop improving to stay ahead of the pack

So your colleagues or friends have praised your writing style? There is always room for honing your skills further. Keep reading, writing, and make it a point to set higher goals for yourself.

 Advertise and respond to advertisements

Spread the word that you are a professional and industrious freelance writer and are available for projects. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are great places to start along with good old “word of mouth.” Also respond to ads for writing jobs. You may be asked to write a sample for the client. Give it your best shot!


No doubt experimenting with different styles and different topics can bring variety into your work. However, if you choose an area or two, acquire expertise in those areas and market yourself citing the expertise. Nothing like focus to bring the best out of you.

 Meet deadlines

When you stick to deadlines from the very beginning, your clients know they can trust you to complete their other projects for them on time.

 Prepare a business plan

A business plan delineates your goals and how you plan to market your services to achieve those goals. It will thus ensure that you never shift focus from your objectives.

 Be responsible

At the end of the day, whether freelance or in-house, you can’t escape from hard work. You have a responsibility to yourself and your clients which you must take seriously to make sure you stay in business.If you commit to a deliverable, ensure you deliver it on time. Otherwise, set expectations upfront so that your client knows when they can actually get it.

Working as a freelance content writer is thoroughly rewarding career. Wishing you the very best. And if you are looking for a professional company to freelance with, take a look at Content Crossroads. With over 3 years of content experience servicing over 45 clients, we have the projects, and the variety, you are looking for.

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