COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere

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COPE - create once, publish everywhere

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The explosion of digital revolution has led organizations to find newer ways to reach larger, but relevant audience via content published through various digital communication channels. If reaching large audience is critical to effective communication of the content, simplifying and automating communications across various channels is the strategy that facilitates it. ‘Create Once Publish Everywhere’ (COPE) is one such strategy devised by National Public Radio (NPR) to improve their digital outreach. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create content just once and use the same in all digital formats across multiple platforms?

The biggest advantage of COPE is that it provides scope for considerable growth with less resources. Not to mention the amount of money and time that can be saved by not having to create different content for different platforms!

Daniel Jacobson, Director of Application Development at NPR blogs, affirms that COPE is an assortment of closely related strategies that include:

  • Choose Content Management Systems (CMS) over Web Publishing Tool (WPT).
    • Build CMS to collect relevant data to create and present content in any form on any platform at any time. A WPT, on the other hand, pulls in content for the purpose of publishing web pages.
  • Content needs to be separated from display.
    • The presentation layer should constitute a series of templates that can capture content from the repository.
  • Ensure that content is stored in a modular way.
    • The data model has to be strategically designed to store discrete objects in distinct locations.
  • Use technology to ensure smooth portability of the content.
    • The Application Programming Interface (API) must facilitate a smooth distribution of the same content to any platform in a way that each platform can manage.
    • COPE, if effectively employed, will get a very large audience for a single piece of content, thanks to its compatibility to all kinds of platforms. The key is to create captivating and relevant content that can really make an impact on users.
    • You need brand messages that delight the end users to leverage the portability and modularity of COPE-applied content.

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