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How social-savvy is your organization? Of course, there are standard practices of counting the number of ‘likes’ and Facebook fans or followers in Twitter and retweets for determining how social-savvy the organization is, but that was back in the stone age of Social Networking!

While those metrics are still important, technology has introduced metrics that slickly determine how effectively the organization’s social networking ideas meet their social outreach objectives. Though it is tough to prescribe one crucial social metric for your company (as it varies with the firm’s business goals, products, industry, size, etc.), we present some practical social media metrics that work well for your company;

1.      It’s not the number that matters – it’s the quality!

Tassoula E. Kokkoris, managing a team of Guidant Financial social ambassadors said; “More important than the quantity of followers on the major social media channels is the quality of followers”. Except for announcing the huge fan numbers on the company profile, it contributes nothing more. Moreover, you can even find companies purchasing followers, much like ‘purchasing a degree’- impressive but purposeless! Kokkoris added; “Maintaining a smaller core audience of interested, engaged followers will ultimately lead to more meaningful conversations and stronger sales”.

2.      Social demographics

It is crucial to know who your fans and followers are. Along with spreading information about your business to new customers, it also helps to ensure that your social initiatives hit the right audience and you are able to achieve business goals through it.

3.      Determine the most popular posts, tweets or pages of your company

Find which update of the company invigorated huge number of followers, retweets or comments and then evaluate, ‘Why did it gain the popularity it did?’!

4.     Plan your content

Every company publishes podcasts, whitepapers, infographics, how-to videos, and other content forms attracting new customers and engaging existing ones to gain leads and sales. So, plan what content to develop, present and share!

5.    Translate people’s use of your social media

Track what your social audience does while they spend time on your company’s Facebook, Twitter or any other of your company’s social media sites. Did your update on Facebook, Pinterest Pins or Twitter posts lead them to consume or buy something, or sign up for anything? If yes, why?

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