How to make your content more shareable

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What’s the point of creating great content if you are not going to pass it around? There is no point. Great content which is lying idle on your website is not going to amount to much. Quite like the heartbroken poet who wrote beautiful poems and stuck it in a chest in the attic, because he was writing only for his soul.  At the end of the day, he lost out.

Your content needs to be shared, and you need to make that happen by allowing for easy sharing. When you take the trouble to make sharing simple, your readers will take the trouble to pass it on, too. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Clickability: Sharing should be as easy as clicking a button. And in most cases, content can be shared with one click. Add social networking icons and mail buttons icons at the end of your blogpost.
  2. Plugins: You can also add a Facebook, Twitter or other social media plugin on your site so that there is a permanent presence. You can also add plugins for ebooks, white papers, newsletters and tutorials. The more readers see, the more likely they are likely to click through.
  3. Relevance: Great content lies at the heart of it all, so the trick is to provide engaging, informative and relevant content. Link your content to socially relevant hot topics that everyone is discussing. The content you create needs to add value for the reader.
  4. Make A Point: Don’t be afraid to take a stand and make your voice heard. To position yourself as a thought leader or innovator in your segment, you cannot afford to sit on the fence. Be vocal without being forceful; and let people know what you think and what you believe in. People appreciate honest opinions, and when you write from the heart, it will give more room for that content to be shared.
  5. Interact: Getting a positive response to your content means responding to what your readers have to say- even if they hold a different point of view. Start a debate and keep the conversation flowing.

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