Search Vs social media: what is your strategy?

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Search or social media? What do you need to focus on for your business? The answer is: both. Recent studies have shown that while social media is becoming an increasing factor in search algorithms, search still trumps social media when it comes to getting information on local and small businesses.

The factors that influence search results have changed dramatically. The best search results are not just the ones with the right keywords, meta-tags and link-backs. Other factors like content, social circles and online reviews are increasingly becoming important. Optify’s forecast for trends in social media and marketing in 2012 point to the relevance of social media in search. Over the past year, Facebook social signals have been integrated into Bing search and activity on Google+ has emerged on Google search. Going into 2012, Optify expects this trend to continue, and sees social media as a key component in search rankings.

Conversely, another study released by Pew, shows that for information on local businesses, social media lags behind search as a resource. The study reveals that the internet is the primary source for material about local businesses; and search engines are particularly valued. Newspapers and word of mouth also rank high as sources. So for your business to flourish, you need to make your content SEO compliant, to cater to the conscious consumer, as well as to reach out to consumers via social media who rely on recommendations from peers.

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