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The trend today amongst small and medium business owners is to engage in social media for their marketing, with varying amounts of success, of course. Content is the hottest marketing tool for all business owners, and it is crucial to effectively connect with your target audience with the right content.


Use social marketing as a marketing tool. Exploit it to its full potential.

Start right

You could make a great start by joining in discussions happening all the time on various forums that is related to your industry or target market. This is one of the best ways to establish your expertise, thought leadership, or experience in these topics. Also study what comments are getting most noticed by the community, and when you do start adding content, you can target those areas specifically.

Short blogs with lists, bullet points, and attention grabbing headlines are a must!

  • First and most important, make sure your headlines are virtual attention grabbers.
  • Next, make sure your content matches the promises you have made in the headline. Never disappoint your readers; you want them to come back to read more of your blogs, don’t you?
  • The blog topics can range from short stories based on your own experiences, to articles sharing your expertise on a specific subject that interests your readers.
  • You could also ask a guest to write for you, or perhaps interview an expert on the subject.
  • Lists like this one are a hot idea at any time, for any type of content, and they work great for blogs as well. Presenting your content as a list is an excellent idea, especially because your readers do not have a lot of time to spend reading your blog, no matter how well written it is.
  • Have a clear blogging strategy that lays down the key areas you will blog about, how often, and who your target market is. Revisit this strategy every 3 months to see if you are on track.
  • Finally aim for consistency and quality. Posting 4 quality blogs a month consistently that is relevant to your target market is better than posting 3-4 times a week, and not posting over the next 2 weeks.

End Right


Publish your blogs and market them. Get the word out by sharing the link on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Link the blogs back to your website.

Happy blogging….



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